September 6, 2016

Overview: Best time to visit Sri Lanka

The climate of Sri Lanka is surprisingly complex. Its equatorial position means that temperatures are fairly constant throughout the year, an average of around 26-30°C (78 -86°F) and is often much higher than this around midday. It is generally hot and humid by the coast, getting cooler as the altitude increases. Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, with distinct wet and dry seasons, but it has two different monsoon seasons, as well as an ‘inter-monsoon’ season, affecting different parts of the island at different times. This means it’s dry somewhere on the island at any time of year, so regardless of when you choose to travel, you’re likely to enjoy some good weather depending on where you go.

In general the best time to visit is December to April, as this is dry season in the popular west and south coastal areas and Hill Country. The Christmas and New Year period is particularly popular and is the most expensive time to go. April and September are the best to see the whole country, while the inter-monsoonal season in October and November sees fine weather for most of the island interspersed with sudden thunderstorms. If you’re prepared for sudden bursts of rain, it’s still a good time of year to travel and to enjoy the beaches. Low season is May to August when the Yala Monsoon hits, but it’s still a reasonable time to visit the North and East.

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