March 27, 2018
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Sri Lanka being a magical island in the Indian ocean blessed with amazing natural attractions. Among all of them Sri Lanka is blessed with astonishing beaches around the country. If you planning your vacation to bath yourself with soft sun rays on the soft sands sipping a king coconut you must include below places in your travel calendar.

  • Mirissa Beach
  • Tangalle Beach
  • Rekawa Beach
  • Pigeon Island
  • Arugam Bay

When you add Sri Lankan beaches in your travel calendar one of the main things you should keep on tabs is the monsoon cycle of Sri Lanka. Southwest monsoon passes through the country from June to October and Northwest monsoon is from November to February. Therefore, the best period to explore the soft sand beaches in Sri Lanka are March and April. May and June are not the best months to explore Sri Lankan beaches due to heavy rains. But you can enjoy costs during non-monsoon periods in both southern and eastern areas.


Mirissa Beach

Mirissa is a must visit city if you want to visit one of the most relaxing beach towns in southern coast of Sri Lanka. Golden sand, mind relaxing sea waves and restaurants with good accommodation makes it one of the most attractive destinations in Sri Lanka. Stunning sunrise and the sunset in Mirissa is a sight you will remember for your lifetime. Don’t forget to capture these views. This is a great place to spend day or night. This beach offers you the peace you can’t find anywhere as it is not overcrowded. It is also safe for kids. Sea food in Mirissa is said to be one of the finest ever. Whale watching is one of the best experience you will ever have and seeing friendly dolphins do tricks in front of you gives people a show of a lifetime. Mirissa is also a perfect location for photographers.


Tangalle Bay Beach

This is another breath taking beach town located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Everyone dream of a fabulous view of the ocean, clean beach, clear water and a tropical beach to visit. Tangalle is the ideal destination for anyone who loves relaxing on the beach. Big and warm sea waves make Tangalle one the most attractive beaches in Sri Lanka. Fresh sea food is so popular within locals and tourist. It is still one of the best beaches to visit even if you are not doing activity. Once you pay a visit surely you don’t want to return from Tangalle.


Rekawa Beach

Rekawa beach is located in the Rekawa village 10kms away from Tangalle bay beach. It is home to one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in Sri Lanka. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka and it is ideal for nature lovers. Best time to watch these sea turtles is between January and April periods when there’s full moon. There is also a turtle conservation project where you can see turtles in a respected manner. Rekawa beach is beautiful and safe for kids. Without any effort you can find best food in the area and hotels to stay with accommodation to make sure you have an amazing tour.


Pigeon Island

If you are looking for a getaway in “an island in an island”, Pigeon Island is the best location which is located slightly off from the famous city Trincomalee. You have to take a boat ride to reach to the island from Trincomalee. Pigeon Island is identified as a national sanctuary and protected. Also you can explore local marine life and one of the best survival coral reefs in the South Asia. Blessed with fish, coral, sharks, turtle and an absolutely majestic beach Pigeon Island is a treat unmatched.


Arugam Bay

Arugam bay is a wonderland for the surfers and committed beach enthusiasts, located on the east coast. One stop for your most adventurous and thrilling beach vacations. Look around and you will surely find minimum of 10 places to get a surfer board for rent. Get your surfer board and go through the killer waves. If you are a beginner there are plenty of places to learn as well. Also remember to start from Crocodile Point with gentle waves if you are a beginner.

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