Travel Tips and Advises for your visit in Sri Lanka

Be cautious about the edibles you consume. Specially the water may not agree with you, unless it is bottled or purified. Similarly it is best to avoid salads & juices. Enjoy all processed/cooked delicacies. However be warned that the food can be really spicy & hot. And if you really want to leave a tip at any food joint, do not exceed 1 USD, which is the norm.

Be prepared for both hot & cold average weather conditions, since in Sri Lanka you hardly ever face extreme weather conditions. Generally it’s 30°c and when moving towards the hill country it would be closer to 10°c. Also be prepared for heavy rains & winds depending on the season you visit the island.

The bus & train (Public Transportation) are the cheapest ways of travel. Yet if you’re in a hurry or if you are not used to travelling in extremely crowded modes, you can always pick a three-wheeler (AKA “Tuk”) or a cab to travel around. However, we do not recommend using Tuks or Cabs unless these are ordered for you by a Travel Agent or a reputed firm, to avoid the danger involved in travelling with unknown parties. Compared to this, using Public Transportation is fairly safe if you can get around communicating with the locals.

Sri Lanka has a rich culture built around Buddhism and the people can be called somewhat conservative. So make sure you take clothes which reasonably covers your body when visiting Sri Lanka. Also bring/buy a pair of flip-flops when visiting religious places, since you may have to remove footwear. The people are of course very friendly and would treat you better than family, especially in rural areas.

Always visit places with guides, otherwise people may take advantage of you being a foreigner & charge you more than necessary. Ex: entrance tickets, travelling, etc… Nevertheless a good guide would ensure that you get the maximum out of your visit and make it worth your while.

Mosquito repellent could be called an essential, given the fact that these insect are common during the evening & night. Always keep some sunscreen with you, specially if you’re travelling with kids. It’s also advised to carry an umbrella or hat or cap. And yes, be sure to bring your shades/sun glasses.


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